We aim for educational innovation to reduce the number of children who are not good at studying by original the Naoi Method.

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Japanese language education business: Naoi Method Japanese Language School

We have been responsible for improving children's grades in Japanese, which is said to be difficult to improve. Every year, we have a lot of students who pass the exam from behind by improving their Japanese ability.

What is the Naoi Method?

The Naoi Method is not just a language teaching method from the experience of a single lecturer. The representative Naoi have systematized the developmental stage of language learning, visual perception, the theory among sentence structure and its application to entrance examination questions. She developed each of these theories as a solution through the production of teaching materials and the construction of methods, and she continues to verify its effectiveness.

By the way, do you know why there is a difference between children who are good at study and are not? In particular, Japanese is based on their native language ability, so there should be no big difference in their natural ability.

Since Glen Dorman advocated that the baby is a genius, there has been a thriving education for young children. It is a learning method according to the developmental stage of the right brain cognition (visual cognition). Since the learning method is based on this cognitive method, any child can produce insane learning results that can be called a genius. The superiority of right brain recognition continues until the upper grades of elementary school students. For example, in junior high school entrance exams, an equation using x is taught as a special arithmetic pattern based on visual perception.

However, as soon as anyone became a junior high school student and gained an advantage in the left brain, they can be solved by equations. However, the right-brain cognition practiced in early childhood education is not applied to the learning content learned in school education. Next to early childhood education, education using printed letters and numbers is waiting. The newly developed intelligence is not utilized, and a learning method that complements “I can't understand” in quantity begins. The Naoi Method is an educational method that teaches the content of school education according to the developmental stage by means of right brain recognition, which can be called a so-called missing ring.

Currently, the school business is only a Japanese language school, but in fact, the educational method called Galileo arithmetic has been completed. Teaching Japanese language and arithmetic from infants to elementary school students with the Naoi Method teaching material will change the world to become only children who are good at studying. Even for children who are good at studying, studying with the Naoi method will make studying more enjoyable.

This group of teaching materials is patent pending. We will continue to provide licenses and educational materials from those that have been patented. The other day, the Kanji cube was patented, and the method was finally launched. We look forward to partners who want to use this material and want to spread it together.

Education Lab Inc. Representative Director and President Akiko Naoi